Programs for Entertainment
Beverley is an experienced speaker for civic groups, schools and banquets and has a variety of interesting topics to present to your group, available in short programs from 30 to 45 minutes long. Some of the topics include Songs of the Susquehanna, Songs of the Civil War, Songs of Pennsylvania, Legends and Lore of Pennsylvania, True Ghost Stories of Pennsylvania, True Ghost Stories of the Susquehanna Valley, All About the Fiddle (kids like this one!), and off the topic of music but something she knows a lot about - Braintanning Hides and Native American Beadwork.
Strolling Fiddler - Bev has over 400 tunes at the tips of her fingers and can carry the sound of old time tunes throughout a festival or park as she strolls with her fiddle. She welcomes questions about the fiddle and the music, and loves when people request a favorite tune.
Saint Patrick's Day - a whole evening of jig, reels, slow airs and ballads from Ireland, Scotland, Canada and tin pan alley American Irish tunes.
Christmas - a whole evening or a short program of Christmas and holiday tunes, played, sung and sung along with.
Halloween - Bev's ears are wide open all year for the latest "true" ghost tales and she knows lots to tell. Programs of ghost story telling sessions can be scaled for "fright value" depending on the age group. Solo storytelling or add the special effect of Greg's "creepy songs" played on piano in the background.
Fiddle and Piano - with literally hundreds of tunes, Bev and Greg offer a wide variety of Americana and ethnic music, played and sung. Requests are invited. The tunes span four centuries and include: Oldtime American, Colonial, Civil War era, turn of the century, blues, jazz, ragtime, classic country and classic rock all mixed up together or focused on one era.
Valentines Day - Love Songs!
Made in Pennsylvania - Beverley has researched many well known American tunes that have their roots here in the Keystone State and offer a lively performance that includes stories of the songs and the composers and lots of good music. This program is especially popular with civic groups and seniors. School kids like it too.
Songs of the Civil War - Just up the road from Gettysburg and the National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg, PA, Beverley offers programs and tunes about the music played on both sides of the line as well as at home in the parlor during this historical era. Her music has been included in film soundtracks and educational programs.
Yankee Doodle to Great Balls of Fire - another popular program is Bev and Greg's tour of American History through the pop tunes of different eras. Through music and lively stories they take you from the Colonial Days through the days of the pioneer, Civil War, turn of the century, ragtime, jazz age, and beyond right up to rock and roll. And all with just a fiddle and piano.
Weddings and banquets - we have experience with both venues and can perform, together or separately at each. (An added note here: Although I can play many beautiful aires and melodies performed with taste and sensitivity, I can only play a few classical violin pieces. I am a fiddler, not a classical violinist. There's a difference.)