Devil's Dream

Certain fiddle times are classics because they teach a fiddler how to move the bow or handle fingering for a host of tunes that might be learned later on. Devil's Dream is one of these. Where the string notations are underlined, bar those strings - press both strings down with one finger. In this case, it is the first finger or index finger that bars both the A and the E strings. AE Start off playing this tune slowly and notice the gentle rocking of the bow that occurs as you move between the A and the E strings. Go a little faster and you will notice that your bow hand seems to travel in a circle as it moves between these two strings. In order to speed up, gradually shorten the amount of bow hair you are using. You may start out with the full length of the bow. Gradually tighten up the length of bow used to about an inch and a half or less - midway between the tip and middle of the bow. Challenge yourself!

Key of A Major - 3 sharps ###

The notes in the A Major scale are: A B C# D E F# G# A
Starting with your first finger on the G string about 1 ½ from the nut, play:


*a dash _ denotes a full step, about 1 ½ of space; a ^ denotes a half step, put one finger right near the one before

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