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Hear what satisfied and happy customers have to say:
"I got your cd in the mail yesterday, listened to it and already it's been very helpful... I can't seem to put the dang fiddle down now. I've got nothing else accomplished. I spent a whole day doing nothing but playing fiddle (ran Pat right out of the house, pay backs for all the times he drove me crazy with that dang banjo) Anyway I can play some tunes now and at least the dogs don't run and hide any more. Well, I better get Pat to lock up the fiddle and hide the key so I can get some house work done, but first I think I'll play for him so he can see how good I've gotten. (he's so jealous!)"
~Linda Sullivan, Pennsylvania

"Your lessons are great and the fiddle tabs are so easy to understand that after just a couple of days I am now on my way to learning the chords in Amazing Grace.... (Amazing!) In five years of playing classical guitar (years ago), I never ever felt that I produced any music - except scale pattern studies....
The (genuine Appalachian) fiddle mute is just the ticket... although my friends look a bit incredulous when I tell them... but, truly, it really works! Much better than putting tape across the strings... and you don't have to wipe off the glue afterwards... It must be painful for you to say each note before you play it (in your CD), but for an aspiring fiddler of three and a half weeks, it really does help .... and I can replay it as often as I want."
~Elizabeth Davies, Austrailia

Here's what you get:
1.Bad sounds you can make with your fiddle 2.LTF Boil That Cabbage Down (single string) 3.LTF Boil That Cabbage Down (chords) 4. LTF Amazing Grace (chords) 5. LTF Amazing Grace 6. LTF Soldier's Joy (step by step - I tell you where to put your fingers) 7.LTF Soldier's Joy (play along) 8. LTF Turkey in the Straw 9. LTF Acres of Clams 10.Acres of Clams (Bev and Greg play it at 90 mph )]11.LTF Red River Valley 12. LTF Camptown Races 13. LTF When Johnny Comes Marching Home 14.LTF Eighth of January 15.Barndance Medley inlcudes Golden Slippers, Oh, Susannah, Camptown Races and Turkey in the Straw (we play it at 90 mph.) ($12.99 USD + $4.00 shipping and handling)

Tunes From The Family Parlor - CD
The tunes on this cd are played plain and simple on piano and fiddle. Beverley Conrad on fiddle and Greg Burgess on piano. Here's what you get:
1 Acres of Clams 2 Civil War Medley 3 Shanendoah 4 Amazing Grace 5 Flowers of Edinburgh 6 Put Your Little Foot 7 Barndance Medley 8 Soldier's Joy 9 Danny Boy 10 Red Haired Boy 11 Katy's Rambles 12 Gary Owen 13 St Annes Reel 14 Fanny Poer 15 Lost Indian 16 Shortening Bread 17 Alexander's Ragtime 18 Die Lorelie 19 Gabriel's Cabin 20 Isle of Que Waltz 21 Listen to the Mockingbird 22 I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen 23 My Love Is Like a Red, Red Rose 24 Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms ($12 USD)
You can preview as well as buy the album at CD Baby.

In The Wood
Music of the Northern Appalachians and Old World Highlands - CD
"If Ken Burns has not yet heard this Pennsylvania Celtic-folk duo it's to PBS viewers' serious detriment. With their swooping fiddles, crisscrossing melodies and earthy percussion, Beverley Conrad and Luke Glick's gorgeous Appalachian blend reminds us where the word 'Americana' came from." Editor's Review C/Net
The tunes on this cd are played using fiddle and drum, or fiddle and bones. Beverley Conrad, fiddler and Luke Glick Drums and Bones. The tunes included are: Lost Indian; Rosin the Beau; Soldier's Joy and Liberty; Joys of Quebec; Jug of Jigs which includes Merrily Kiss the Quaker, Larry O'Graf and Beverley's Jig; Hills of Glenorchy; Miss Wedderburn's Reel; Loch Lomond and Flowers of Edinburgh; Big John Macneil; Bill Malley's Schottish; Bonaparte's Retreat; Durangue's Hornpipe and Sailor's Hornpipe; Farewell to Whiskey and Whiskey Before Breakfast; St. Anne's Reel and Opera Reel; Star of County Down ($12 USD)

Sun Side of Shade Mountain - Old Time Tunes of Rural Pennsylvania
The tunes on this cd are played on fiddle and drum, bones, spoons, and/or jawharp. These are some of the tunes most often requested by people who live in this area. Here are the songs on this cd: Red Haired Boy, Coming "Round the Mountain, Liza Jane - Skip to My Lou - Buffalo Gals; Home on the Range; Swing Low, Sweet Chariot; Shenandoah; McCloud's Reel; John Ryan's Polka - Old Joe Clark - Angelina Baker; Old Jim Dawg; Arkansas Traveler; Flop Eared Mule; Waltzing Matilda; I'll Fly Away and I Saw the Light; Red River Valley; and Grandfather's Clock

The Miner's Jig
Celtic and Oldtime Tunes from the Coal Region
From the hills and valleys of the old world to the ridges and hollows of the new, as well as bringing the hopes and dreams of a better life, the Scots and the Irish brought music. The tones, notes and techniques of the old homeland music mingled with the same of their new neighbors and the old songs took on a new flavor - familiar but unique. Fiddles droned to capture the sound of the pipes. Drums echoed - a piece of the old world and a reminder of the natives of the new. If lyrics were sung, they echoed the present state and in this way many of the old traditional tunes became Americanized. The tunes on this album played on fiddle and drum reflect this heritage and leave it to the listener to supply the words and the dance. Includes The Gary Owen, When Johnny Comes Marching Home, Bonny Blue Flag, Billy in the Lowground, Braes of Auchtertyre, Miner's Jig, Shebeg Shemore, St. Patrick's Day, Hector the Hero, The Butterfly, Kesh Jig - Swallowtail Jig, Archibald Macdonald of Keppoch, Eighth of January, Irish Washerwoman - Jig, Irish Washerwoman - Reel, Fisher's Hornpipe, Paddy Whack, Sweet Betsy from Pike, The Last Rose of Summer, McPherson's Farewell

Bonny Hills and Hollows
Celtic Music from The Middle Appalachians
Loch Lomond, Flowers of Edinburgh, The Rights of Man, Egan's Polka, The Minstrel Boy, Fillimioriay, O'Keefe's Slide, Road to Lisdoonvarna, Harvest Home, Wearing of the Green, The Butterfly, Rocky Road to Dublin, Off to California, Bonny Tyneside, Galway Piper, The Joys of Wedlock, Drowsy Maggy, Tam Lynn Reel, Ned of the Hill, Neil Gow's Lament to his Second Wife, Midnight on the Water.